4 Tips to Accomplishing Your Goals and Objectives Effectively

Single-minded focus
Most things that you need to get done are multi layered, as in they require multiple steps and/or processes to be completed.  This is why for many people, they give up before they start because it is too overwhelming for your mind to process.  Humans, as complex as our brains have evolved, still require to have things fully simplified in order to go ahead.  By dumbing everything down to simple steps, you can now proceed to focus on one at a time.  That’s what you should do, one step at a time, without thinking too far ahead.  Make it super easy for you to concentrate on one particular aspect of the job and only shift your focus to something else once that step is fully completed.  If you need more help with your focusing, read the ultimate guide to improving your focus

Jump in!
If you linger on and on, you will delay everything so much that you will either fail by default because you will be late in doing it, or you will just never do it.  Just start doing.  The hardest step is to actually get going.  Once you get going, things get easier.  You will build momentum, and you will start feeling better.  Think about when you are about to jump into a pool.  The longer it takes you to go in, the more likely you are to never fully go in it.  However, if you just jump in right away, you break the ice, getting over the tricks your mind plays on you and now you can fully enjoy your swim!

Know your end
Every task and goal has a beginning and eventually an end.  You need to know what your end is.  What is the end result?  By knowing that this whole process has an end, you are more likely to feel less intimidated or scared to do it.  What scares your mind is doing something hard with no end in sight.  Your mind will just shut down and not make you do it.  So make sure you are completely aware of what the finished result should be.  Ideally, you should also set a timeframe, so that you also have a date in your mind, which will help rationalize to yourself that this isn’t forever.  By knowing your end, you can move forward with a sense of stability and knowingness that is necessary to eventually reach your end.

Track your progress
Since your steps are fully broken down and you are focusing on one at a time, you should create a checklist where you cross off each step as they are completed.  This will provide you with a sense of worthiness and accomplishment as you are inching closer and closer to your goal.  Make this checklist highly visible, such as displaying it on your fridge or on your desk in the office.  We can interpret images and diagrams better than words, so by seeing how many tasks you did and how many are left, your mind can process this more easily, which leads to less confusion or likeliness to detract from the goal or task at hand.

Source : 4 Tips to Accomplishing Your Goals and Objectives Effectively, ( http://www.ineedmotivation.com/blog/2012/09/4-tips-to-accomplishing-your-goals-and-objectives-effectively/ )


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