You will wear more technology on your body in 2015

For people looking for smart, chip-enabled fashion, 2015 promises to be the year to watch out for. Android wear, Apple wear, GOQii Life, Sony arm bands, Garmin Vivofit and more are set to be our permanent round-the-clock assistants. Says Kamlesh Bhatia, research director Gartner: “Adoption of wearables was nascent in 2014 and will pick up in 2015 for applications spanning safety and security.”

Bhatia sees people using devices connected to healthcare apps on their smartphones to monitor themselves continuously.

Forrester Research claims 2015 will be the year of wearables. “Ability to collect data over time is what is new with these wearable devices. It’s like remote monitoring at a low cost,” Julie Ask, principal analyst at Forrester, said in a recent interaction with ET.

According to Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor Vinod Khosla, in future 80% of what doctors do will be replaced by machines (read smartphones and data crunchers). The likes of Samsung Galaxy S5 with a built-in heart monitor and Sony Xperia Z via its life-logging app come in handy for people keen on real-time health updates. In Bengaluru, an MIT spun out start-up, JanaCare, is working on sensors that can be fitted on the mobile to replace the clinic.

“In the US, insurance companies are driving use of wearables — offering sops like reduced premiums for those continuously monitoring their health via wearables.” Bhatia said.

More people are buying wearables. On Flipkart’s online marketplace, Martian watches, Moto360 smartwatch and Garmin Vivofit fitness band are among popular werables. On, GOQii Life is among popular products in the entire sports, fitness and outdoors department.

Even as wearables become the must-have products, some challenges are going to amplify, especially on privacy and security. Questions have been raised on how Google Glass could be used to record meetings or photograph sensitive data. In October, the Motion Picture Association of America banned use of Google Glass and other wearable devices in theatres. In the US, some restaurants banned Google Glass on privacy concerns.

These trends point to a growth-oriented, yet challenging 2015 for wearables.

Source : You will wear more technology on your body in 2015, Shelley Singh ( )


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