This robot can convincingly forge letters in your handwriting


Email and IM might be efficient ways to communicate, but they can feel a bit cold and lifeless. Thankfully there’s a new breed of robots out there who are working (rather ironically) to re-humanize things.

The pen that’s writing this particular letter from Ben is being gripped by Bond’s clever scribing system. It’s an actual ballpoint pen writing on regular paper, the way people used to do last century when the radio learned to display pictures and carriages learned how to pull themselves.

Bond — and other companies like it — have been hand writing notes for customers for a while now, offering to do it in a selection of carefully-chosen fonts. Two particularly awesome options are Nikola Tesla and Sigmund Freud. Just think how excited your friends will be to open a letter penned by one of the greatest scientific minds in history or the father of psychoanalysis!


Now, however, they’re introducing a new service. Bond will actually teach its robots to write like you do. For a fee, of course. Right now it costs $199 for the basic service, which yields reasonably convincing results. If you’re willing to spend a bit more, Bond can further tweak things — possibly to a level that will fool even the most eagle-eyed curmudgeons in your family who still demand postal correspondence.

The service costs $499, and gives you an hour to work with one of Bond’s handwriting experts in their New York City HQ. You’ll need to get yourself there, too, which could make it quite an expensive little experiment depending on where you live. The cheaper option only requires you to fill out a special form and scan it back.

It may be a bit pricey, but if you’re looking for a way to add a little warmth and humanity to your communications, Bond’s emotionless automatons are standing at the ready to lend you a hand… or a clamp, anyway.

Source : This robot can convincingly forge letters in your handwriting, Lee Mathews ( )


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