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aaron rashkin empower hour call

Brand new year and a brand new you!

Position your store in front of all the traffic.  This is business is all about getting eyes on  you and your business.  Success is not to keep your business a secret.

Be on calls like this, webinars and live events.

Your looking for a breakthrough, tonight we are going to share with you the 3 steps to virtually guarantee your success if you do these steps in this exact way.

You have to follow the instructions.

There are no Guarantees with this opportunity just to lay out this disclaimer.  This is not a job where you go to work and get a pay cheque.  This is not a guaranteed salary or a benefits package.

The benefits here are:

  • You are your own boss
  • You set your own schedule
  • Do whatever you want without having to ask anyone to do it
  • You live your own life
  • Do it the way you want to do it
  • relationship freedom – spend time with the people who matter most and less time with the people who you don’t want to

Real Statistics

In 2011 we were the underdogs and now we are a 150 million dollar company in 3 years.  Here is what happened.  We launched to empower people and not just about the time and money.  But to learn how to build whatever company that you want to build.

Build an income with whatever business that you want, legal, tech, health, investing, online marketing, etc.

Empower was made to give you a voice to give you a platform where we can speak life into you and encourage you, no matter what business you apart of.

In the beginning this is what Empower was all about.

We came out of the gates like a lion and came out and grew into a wilder beast in just 30 days.  We then became one of the biggest threats to other companies because we were doing things differently and it was working.

The Three Phases of a New Starting Business

Phase 1: Ridicule – When you first come out you will get ridiculed.  People will say – “that will never last”.
Phase 2: Opposition – Violence, Verbal, Anger. People started getting uneasy with the massive success and so they started opposing this business.
Phase 3: Self Serving and Evident – Acceptance, Proven ThemSelves, Deep Enough Roots, Grounded, Not Going Away.  All the sales and results will speak for themselves.

Here we are now.  In over 300 countries and over 150+ million dollars in sales in just 3 years.  We have 15 people who have earned at least a million dollars in commissions.  Over 50 people who have made at least a quarter a million dollars.  150 people at least made 6 figure incomes.  1000s+ making at least a 3k month – 5k month – 10k month.

We are still a small company.

There are companies with over a million distributors.

Being one of the smallest companies on the block with one of the best track records that is only 3 years old with 150 million dollars in sales is literally unheard of.

The chances of success with our tools, mentorships, groups, live events, products, is literally like apples to oranges.  People are succeeding going to two versions of our flagship product.

In has never been done like this before.

The leaders can go into any company and make money, it’s the community supports each other like no other.

You can build the business part time or full time, but you can’t build the business some time.

The thing about Empower Network is that we do things differently.

We teach you how to market and attract instead of chase and beg.

The hunted literally create a way for people to find us.

The Power of Live Events

Success goes to those who last.  Those who last will finish first.  Keep marketing.  Keep letting people know that you are in this business.  How the products change lives.  How the events change lives.

When you come out of live events,  you meet new people, see the company, fill up your belief bucket.  You go there unsure and lacking a little bit of confidence but you leave a completely different person.  You get close enough to your breakthrough and your life changes.

It may not change your income right away but it changes the way you look at things so the things you look at change.  You fall in love with yourself and feel that power.

It changes the way you do business.

When you change the way you do business, your business changes.

You start seeing yourself as the leader that you want others to see you as.

That belief can never ever be robbed from you.

The lightbulb goes off and your the only one that could turn that off.

That is what going to a live event does for you.

Being there live at an event means that you made a commitment.

Here is The Game Plan – 3 Action Steps That You Are Going to Do Daily (Any Company Formula) 100 foot overview.

1. Build a List – Not the old list of family and friends.

Build a list of people who are looking for you just as much as you are looking for them through attraction marketing.  The difference between sales and marketing.  When the marketing is done right, the sales is a piece a cake because you are getting the right message in front of the right person at just the right time.

Send someone to your lead capture page, let them take a look at your sales letter, sales video, what are the next steps, connection.

Show them you are just like them.

2. Build a Relationship With That List – Connect with them.

Put your personality through your emails broadcast.  Send them links to your blog, Facebook pages, links to videos, links to things that they are interested in.

Wish them a happy new year, Christmas, Easter, or whatever holiday it is.

It’s all about relationship building.

The object is to get them to know, like, and trust you.

There is no better way then to get your prospects into a distraction free environment then it is to have them visit your blog.

None of the other blogging communities teach you how to blog, drive traffic, get leads, and speak life into people.  They don’t teach you anything.

3. Monetize Your List – Turn Your List into Money

People on your list are actual people.  You have to show them value in your products and services.  Your first product though is YOU.

Your product is not really your product.  Your product is people.  And when you learn more about people than you do about your product than you know more now about being successful.

You bring someone from darkness to light.

You do these 3 things for the rest of your life in any business you choose.  When the marketing is done right, than the sales part is a piece a cake.

Two Things You Do Every Day to Build Your Business – Ground Level View

1. Market

2. Talk to people

Market your business to make a sale.  Talk to customers who already bought from you.  Your best lead is a customer.  Talk to those people who have already bought from you and focus the rest of your time on making more sales.

Marketing and talking to people.

Here in Empower Network here is the system:

1. Blog daily – post content, inspiration, entertainment, promotion.  Get your message out there.  Let them consume who you are through your blog.
2. Tell Others – Post links to your blogs.  Share on social media.  Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, etc.

Source : Aaron Rashkin 3 Secrets to Success in Business- Empower Hour Call Monday Night | Empower Network ( http://patrickmitsuing.com/Blog/30k-journey/aaron-rashkin-3-secrets-to-success-in-business-empower-hour-call-monday-night-empower-network/ )


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