Andreessen Horowitz-backed Distelli brings Amazon-caliber code deployment to all companies

Cloud software

Technology giants like Google, Amazon, and Facebook have become masters of rapidly deploying new software that serves millions or billions of users. This requires expert know how and massive resources to do effectively, two attributes that are typically badly absent from most startups and non-tech enterprises. So, how can the 99 percent keep up in a world where with software eating the world?

Rahul Singh, who until recently was the head of AWS Platform Services, has bottled some of that big company know-how into an off-the-shelf information automation platform that could dramatically simplify life for small companies. The product, called Distelli, is launching out of beta today, while Singh is announcing $2.8 million in Seed funding for his fledgling venture as part of an oversubscribed round led by Andreessen Horowitz (A16Z)*. A16Z general partner and Hotmail founder Scott Weiss is joining Distelli’s Board of Directors.

“But DevOps is more than just a methodology,” Weiss writes in a blog post on the deal today. “It’s a must-have skill set for the modern programmer — and is increasingly becoming its own department as well (the subject of much debate). The rise of the hyperscale cloud datacenter has made this job much harder as developers have had to hack together tools and complex scripts for pushing code to thousands of pancake servers.”

Distelli, whose name is a hybrid of the words intelligent and distribution, is an agent-based platform that allows DevOps engineers to deploy and manage applications across an unlimited number of servers, regardless of their type or location. That means that no matter whether a company is running on bare metal, a public or private cloud, virtual machines, or containers, it’s now possible to have a unified development, testing, and deployment environment, to manage versions, and track bugs and deployments. The product is currently available on a freemium, self-serve basis, with custom installations available for larger enterprise customers.

“Software has become a core function of every business – its ubiquitous and mission critical,” Singh says. “Amazon deploys code to its servers every 11.7 seconds. When I left the company, I was shocked how much time people spend getting code to their servers. The faster you can ship and iterate, the faster you can build your bisiness. This is a very developer-focused product that will free them from babysitting deployments.”

Distelli has had a number of paid beta customers, including several (unnamed) Fortune 500s, according to Singh. The company has facilitated more than 14,000 code pushes over the last year. “Shortly after the first beta, the product was of such high quality that every proof of concept resulted in a paying customer,” Weiss writes.

Developers do three things, according to Singh: write code, build and test code, and deploy code. He adds that there are great tools like GitHub and BitBucket for writing. And Circle, Travis, and Jenkins are best in class for testing. But the available options for deployment – Heroku and custom scripts – are not ideal for large enterprises that need more control and scalability. Distelli is aiming to fill that void, and to do so by promoting ubiquity, trackability, ease of use, and flexibility.

Singh has grown the Ditelli team to five people – on its way to 10 in the next few months – including two ex-Amazon engineers and one ex-Microsoft engineer. Distelli isn’t the first company to take productize core elements of the Amazon’s platform for use by outside companies. Boomerang Commerce launched last year with similar pedigree with the aim of democratizing ecommerce intelligence.

“There’s still a mile of configuration, code, and overhead between the engineers and the servers and getting software to beta, test or production is just the beginning,” Singh writes. “Our vision at Distelli is to empower software developers and their teams to spend less time building and maintaining complex deployment tools and homegrown scripts so they can focus their valuable time and effort on creating the software that powers their business.”

Source : Andreessen Horowitz-backed Distelli brings Amazon-caliber code deployment to all companies, Michael Carney ( )


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