Google just got a patent for a modern Polaroid

It looks like it’s not just hipsters and Taylor Swift who are getting back into instant photos. Google was awarded a patent today (Jan. 20) for a handheld digital camera that can print out photos. Based on the drawings submitted to the US Patent Office, Google seems to have been exploring the possibility of making a digital version of the instant cameras that were so popular for sharing photos before apps like Instagram copied their style for our smartphones.

google patent

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that Google will move ahead with building any sort of modern Polaroid, it’s an interesting move for the company, seeing as it’s not entirely clear if there’s much of a market for this type of product. Polaroid itself, since resurfacing from bankruptcy, has struggled for relevancy. Its most recent product, the Socialmatic, is a digital camera—ironically shaped like Instagram’s app icon—that can also instant print photos.

Google’s proposed camera would also let users choose when to print their photos—they wouldn’t have to do so right after the image was taken, as the original Polaroid cameras required. Google’s camera seems to be able to print on two sides as well. The patent suggests the camera could print a postcard layout on the reverse of a photo, including prepaid postage stamps so that users could mail their holiday snaps and smug “Wish you were here” greetings moments after taking their photos.

Google has not responded to a request from Quartz for a comment on the patent.

Source : Google just got a patent for a modern Polaroid, Mike Murphy ( )


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