10 Things I Learned From People Who Drive Me Nuts


The most annoying thing about annoying people is they help us grow.

Personal growth center on two types of people, the ones we like and the ones that drive us crazy.

The people who drive us nuts often change us most.

Isn’t it annoying when someone asks, “What are annoying people teaching you?”

I don’t want to learn from people who drive me nuts. I want them to change or, preferably, go away.

10 lessons from annoying people:

  1. Confidence. When I answer the concerns of annoying people, plans are stronger and more robust.
  2. Humility. There’s a bit of me in them. It’s annoying when I see myself in annoying people.
  3. Grit. Everything meaningful encounters resistance. Read, “Grit.”
  4. Curiosity.
    • What are they teaching me about myself?
    • How might they expand and enhance our viewpoint?
    • What are they saying about themselves?
  5. Compassion. I’m the annoying person more often than I want to confess.
  6. Appreciation. There’s strength in the quality that drives me nuts.
  7. Self-control. Expressing annoyance to annoying people results in more annoyance.
  8. Tolerance. All successful leaders learn to navigate diverse personalities.
  9. Openness. The leaderly response to personal irritation is to relax and open up not push, run, or close down.
  10. Focus. It’s sad when annoying people distract from what matters.

*Thanks to Facebook fans for inspiring this list.

5 ways to deal with annoying people:

  1. Speak up. The annoyance you ignore today only gets worse tomorrow.
  2. Forbear. Just smile and live with it. But, if it keeps nagging you, do #1.
  3. Monitor. Keep an eye on your responses. Strong responses are about you more than them.
  4. Change. How do you need to change? Trying to change others is a smokescreen.
  5. Include. Bring diverse perspectives together. How can you address the core concerns of colliding perspectives and keep moving forward?

Source : 10 Things I Learned From People Who Drive Me Nuts  ( https://leadershipfreak.wordpress.com/2015/02/03/10-things-i-learned-from-people-who-drive-me-nuts/ )


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