YouTube experiments with multiple camera angles for performances

Multiple camera angles are coming to YouTube, if only as an experiment: YouTube added a first live music performance with four camera angles to its site Wednesday, allowing users to switch back and forth between the different angles while the audio track keeps playing. The video itself, a performance of Madilyn Bailey, is pretty short, and was apparently recorded at the YouTube Space L.A.

The experiment is currently only available for users accessing YouTube with their desktop browser, and for some reason it’s also U.S.-exclusive — my guess is that is more about the music being used in this instance, rather than the technology used to switch camera angles. But YouTube is already reaching out to musicians to look for volunteers for similar experiments.

YouTube’s multi-camera-angle playback has been made possible by the site’s use of HTML5 for video playback. Recently, YouTube said that HTML5 has now become its default approach to playing video on the web, essentially sidelining its legacy Flash player as a fallback for older browsers.

Source : YouTube experiments with multiple camera angles for performances, Janko Roettgers ( )


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