Importance of Self-Care

The ultimate goal of self-care is to help you grow as a person.

The path of self-care involves an approach towards life supplemented with your own personal motivation. The feeling is similar to waking up with a full tank of gas, so that your motor is ready to go at any time! Take notice however, self-care takes dedication, commitment, and persistence. The rewards are restoring your energy level and your ability to interact and cope with the external world in a balanced, productive, and restorative manner. All-encompassing, I often speak to the vitality of mental and physical health. In continuance, the three main components of self-care are:

  1. Physical: taking care of your body all the time is essential. This means committing to a lifestyle that engages your muscles, moves your body, and fuels your body. A rollover effect is that you will be more aware when you are getting sick. In return, self-care means paying a visit to the doctor when you are sick. Feed yourself something that comes from the earth (not man-made/from a drive through) and exercise, do yoga, dance, stretch, walk or ride a bike. Get active, be active, stay active!

  1. Mental: How are you…?up there..? Have you been in connection with your support systems (friends/family/spouse) lately? Have you been staying up to date with your interests and doing things for fun? Whether you have been surrounded by others or alone, dedicate time to doing the things you enjoy most. If you have difficulty remembering the things you enjoy, try thinking of the things you enjoyed when you were a child (draw/make paper-airplanes/paint).
  1. Spiritual: Spiritual self-care is the union of the physical and the mental. Taking care of yourself encompasses developing a practice that employs your mind and soul. Whether it be group, collective activities or individual activities, exploring yourself allows you to identify your values and your priorities. Spiritually explore through prayer, meditation, or attending services where you can contribute to the wellbeing of others as well!

Self-care does not equate selfishness, nor self-centeredness. Rather, self-care exemplifies a chain reaction. Taking care of yourself physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually contains a series of events directly correlated with taking care of others. In order to properly tend to others, one must sustain and nourish his or her own nature. By attuning to your individuality you can effectively attain balance, develop bodily health and wellbeing, and fruitfully communicate your returns to others.

Source : Importance of Self-Care, Kamala Thompson


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