Blue Freedom uses power of flowing water to charge

Blue Freedom uses power of flowing water to charge

Good friends may decide to tell you something that is not true but nonetheless sustaining: Nothing is impossible. That was the case of Blue Freedom co-founder who asked his friend if it would be possible to produce energy himself no matter where he was. The “nothing is impossible” reply evidently worked. He and his team put their heads together and a Blue Freedom device was the result.

Blue Freedom is now being promoted in a crowdfunding campaign as a that fits in your backpack, and allows you to charge all kinds of electrical devices—cameras, MP3 players, smartphones, tablets—any product that comes with a . They have completed the final prototyping of Blue Freedom. This is an attractively small and lightweight hydro power station. It has integrated LED lighting for seeing in the dark. The device works in flowing water. You can recharge the and use the energy then or you can use it later on.

The discus-shaped Blue Freedom is described in TreeHugger: It is a tiny 7.9 x 2.2-in hydropower kit, lightweight, able to fit inside a small backpack. The kit contains a 4.7 inch diameter micro turbine, a 5W generator and 5,000 mAh lithium-polymer internal battery. “The turbine is dipped into a running water source while the base unit stays on the shore. You can charge devices directly from the base unit via USB ports or let the internal battery store the energy for later use.”

According to the campaign page, a key question is answered in an illustration caption: “One hour of blue freedom in moving water. Ten hours of power for your smartphone.”

In their campaign video, they said that they turned to Kickstarter with the hopes of bringing Blue Freedom to market. Their FAQ list, turning to its lifespan, said, “We estimate more than 10 years at average utilization when you use it according to the usage instructions.”

They said that Blue Freedom produces 5W of energy and allows you to be completely independent from the electric grid for charging electrical devices. The very thought of a decentralized power system working in any weather condition, which is environmentally friendly, independent of fossil fuels, is enough of a crowdpleaser to generate interest; they have managed to generate interest to the point of having raised $94,256, at the time of this writing, out of a $100,000 goal, with 36 days still left to go. Pledge rates with estimated delivery in October start at $219 at the time of this writing.

Source: Blue Freedom uses power of flowing water to charge ( )


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