Diddy Invests In Picture Messaging App Pleek, Built For Generation Selfie

As social media continues to come up with new and weird ways to give us dopamine hits — the latest is the resurgence of live streaming apps — a new startup has come up with yet another take on it all.

Pleek, is a new picture messaging app that allows users to communicate via images, and has launched on Android and iOS.

The France-based startup has somehow managed to attract some celebs including Nicki Minaj, Karim Benzema, and Vine sensation, Jerome Jarre.

It’s now garnered $600,000 in a round led by Paris-based Partech Ventures and — get this — independent sources have confirmed to TechCrunch that rap star Diddy is an angel investor in the company.

The app allows users to start an open thread to share reactions back and forth with photos and videos. Users can also add text and stickers to photos.

These archive threads can later be turned into photo collages to share over social networks or sent to friends via SMS or saved to the phone’s photo album.

Pleek Co-Founder Cyril Paglino calls it “picture messaging with a twist.”

Other Pleek features include overlay stickers (Grumpy Cat, etc.), video up to 8 seconds and Group Chat.

I can see this app appealing to the selfie generation, and especially the young demographic. It’s too early to tell if it’ll still be around in a few months, however.

Source: Diddy Invests In Picture Messaging App Pleek, Built For Generation Selfie, Mike Butcher ( http://techcrunch.com/2015/03/26/p-diddy-invests-in-picture-messaging-app-pleek-built-for-generation-selfie/ )


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