Best smartphones to buy in February

These are fun times in the smartphone market in India, especially in the mainstream segment. The fierce competition means the market changes almost on a daily basis and there are new exciting offers every week. In the high-end segment too, there is lots of action because newer high-end phones are coming and companies are trying to create space for them by lowering prices of the existing devices.

Keeping this in mind, we are refreshing our monthly buying guide. Once again, we list the best smartphones that you can buy in the market currently at various price points. Whether you have a budget of Rs.5,000 or Rs.50,000, you will get a phone in this guide.

Best phone for around Rs.5,000

Last month we gave nod to the Asus ZenFone 4 in this price bracket. At a price of around Rs.5,200 the ZenFone remains a compelling choice for budget shoppers. But with the price of the Motorola Moto E coming down, we suggest you spend a few hundred rupees more and get it. On paper, the ZenFone 4 has slightly better internal components, especially processors, but the deal here is that the we just totally love the solid and remarkably polished experience that Moto E provides. It doesn’t heat, its touch response is fantastic and its screen is really good. The only problem is poor rear camera and lack of the front camera. If you must need front camera, go for the ZenFone 4. Or else get the Moto E.

Best smartphone under Rs.10,000

The Yu Yureka is still going strong in this price bracket. For its price, this is a phenomenal phone. Screen and camera are in the class-leading category. The build quality is very nice and the battery life is good enough to make the phone last one whole day with ease on full charge. The hardware inside the phone is the best you can get under Rs.15,000 and the performance is smooth and lag free.

The only problem with the Yureka is its availability. It is improving but still it is only available in a weekly flash sale and usually these sales last a few seconds.

If you can’t get the Yureka and don’t want to wait, go for the Xiaomi RedMi Note 4G. It is more or less the same thing even though on paper the Note 4 hardware is somewhat slower compared to what you get with the Yureka.

Best smartphone under Rs.15,000


The Yu Yureka and RedMi Note 4G are good enough phones and you should get them instead of spending more on something.

That said, the only other phone that you can consider is the new Moto G aka the second generation Moto G. Available for 12,999 the new Moto G offers something that the Yureka or others don’t – pure Android. The Moto G is also one of the cheapest phones right now in the market that runs Android Lollipop. The Lollipop experience on the Moto G is really nice. Just like the Moto E, it also offers pretty reliable and trouble-free experience.

Best phone under Rs.20,000

This has to be the Xiaomi Mi 4. Many people feel that this is slightly overpriced but we think that perception is because of the super aggressive price of the Mi 3 with which Xiaomi had entered India. Even at a price of Rs.19,999, the Mi 4 offers class-leading screen, build quality, camera, and core performance. It does tend to heat somewhat under the back cover with prolonged gaming sessions – something like half an hour of gaming – but other than that the Mi 4 is an absolute gem of a phone.

However, just like other Xiaomi phones, the Mi 4 is also sold in a weekly flash sale, which usually lasts a few seconds. In case you can’t get it in one attempt and can’t wait, go for the Lenovo Vibe X2. This phone too sells for around Rs.19,000 and while it may not pack in the kind of hardware or camera that Mi 4 has, this Lenovo phone is good enough to more than justify its price.

Best phone under Rs.25,000


The Mi 4 and the Lenovo Vibe X2 are better buys. But there are two phones that are noteworthy in this price bracket this month.

First is the OnePlus One. In terms of hardware, the OnePlus One is pretty close to the Mi 4. It is a very good phone for its price of Rs.21,999 and while the Mi 4 is just a tad cheaper and better, in all likelihood if you decide to get the OnePlus One, you won’t be disappointed with it.

The second phone is the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. This is an older phone which used to be sold at a much higher price. But now it is selling for less than Rs.25,000. The hardware in this phone is still very potent – Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, good battery life, 2GB RAM and a very capable 20-megapixel camera. The only drawbacks are the screen size – 4.3-inch – and older software (though Lollipop update should come in the next one or two months). But if you like your phones cute and cuddly, take a close look at the Z1 Compact.

Best phone under Rs.30,000

There are two phones we suggest in this price bracket. Our first choice is the Nexus 5. It is nowadays available for around Rs.27,000 and at this price it is a fantastic buy. Forget about the hardware, when it comes to day-to-day use, this is the fastest Android phone you can buy in the market. Everything is pretty much great in the Nexus 5. And it runs on Android Lollipop. The only problem is battery life. That is not so good.

But in case you don’t want the Nexus 5, go for the Moto X (2nd generation). It has got a price cut and nowadays sells for Rs.29,999. In fact, if you have an old phone, you can also go for the exchange offer and get a discount of up to Rs.6,000. At a price of Rs.30,000 the Moto X is a really unbeatable deal.

Best phone under Rs.35,000

None. That said we do want to share a few points.

— if you have the budget, get the 32GB version of the Nexus 5 or the Moto X. Both sell for around Rs.32,000.

— Camera performance is slightly weak with the Moto X so if you want the best camera in this price segment, go for the Samsung Galaxy S5. It has a fantastic camera.

— If you like your phones stylish and extremely good-looking, like an iPhone, consider the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. It debuted at a price of around Rs.40,000 but is now selling for around Rs.33,000. At this price, this is a really good phone with a fantastic camera, slim and sleek body with premium finish and a gorgeous screen.

Best phone under Rs.40,000


Though if you are after the iPhone, with this budget you can buy the cheapest iPhone that we will recommend. This is the iPhone 5S and it is a very good phone. Although like all Apple products, it is somewhat pricey for what it does.

Best phone under Rs.45,000


Best phone around Rs.50,000

If you are willing to spend Rs.50,000 on your phone, we suggest the Apple iPhone 6 for you. This is the best smartphone in the market. The only one that comes close is the Nexus 5, and that too because it is different. But overall, the iPhone 6 is a solid product. Unlike the previous iPhones, it also comes with a relatively large – 4.7 inches – screen. The quality of screen is really good. The camera is one of the best seen in a smartphone. Design and build quality is awesome. Battery life is average, though. But still, if you are spending Rs.50,000 on a phone, you can’t go wrong with the iPhone 6.

Best phablet money can buy

No, this is not the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. This title belongs to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. With incredible hardware inside it, the Note 4 is a formidable device. It is fast, functional and in a class of its own with its gorgeous screen and a very capable camera. But what makes the Note 4 a real winner is its software and phablet-specific features. For example, ability to open two apps side-by-side helps users a lot if you can master the feature. At the same time, excellent integration with the stylus also helps it offers consumers something extra, which other phones can’t match.

Phone with the best battery life

There are two phones we suggest if you want absolutely top notch battery performance. If battery performance is your only concern, go for the Xiaomi RedMi Note 4G. It is cheap and even with heavy use it will last one and half day before you need charger for it. With little bit of care, you can even work with it for longer. With price of around Rs.9,000, it is also quite affordable.

The other phone that is a battery champ is the LG G2. Now sold for around Rs.25,000, this is not only a powerful phone but is also the one that offers impressive battery life of around 16 to 18 hours.

Phone with the best camera

When it comes to pure camera performance, we are yet to see anything that can beat the Lumia 1020. The iPhone 6 comes quite close, but doesn’t entirely surpass the Lumia. But at the same time, the Lumia phone, even after the Denim update, lacks the kind of apps and features that Android phones or iPhones offer. Though at a market price of around Rs.25,000, the Lumia 1020 is as good as it gets for photography enthusiasts.

If Lumia doesn’t work for you, we suggest the iPhone 6, which too has a fantastic camera. Though this option is pricey.

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