Here’s how you can install and try Windows 10 on your phone

Microsoft has finally released the technical preview for Windows 10 on phones and for many it is going to be a major feature bump. That said, there are multiple caveats if you plan on updating your phone immediately, as this is a technical preview, which is limited to select set of phones. Here’s what you need to know before you can install Windows 10 on your phones.

 Have you heard about the Windows Insider program?

If the term ‘Windows Insider’ sounds alien, then it is likely that you are ineligible to get your phone updated to Windows 10. The technical preview is meant for a group that Microsoft calls Windows Insiders, who share data and feedback as the operating system is being developed so that a polished product is released to the public.

How do you become a Windows Insider?

That is simple. You go to the Microsoft Windows Insider page and register yourself as an Insider. Then you register your device to get over the air updates and you are good to go.

So my phone will be updated to Windows 10 technical preview for phones. Right?

Yes, if you have the right model. Microsoft has announced that the technical preview will work on only the Lumia 635, Lumia 636, Lumia 630, Lumia 638, Lumia 730, and Lumia 830. All these models were released in 2014, so if your phone is from 2013 it will not get the update as of now.

So what happens to phones like the Lumia 1020, 1520, 930, 520 or even the HTC Windows Phones?

There is no doubt that the update will be available for phones like the Lumia 1520, and 930. If fact, in the demos Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore demoed the OS on a 1520, but right now there is no build of the technical preview out there for these high-end Windows Phones. As for the Lumia 1020, it is likely there will be an update for it too. In fact, Belfiore recently tweeted that his team is also working on an update for Windows Phones running just 512MB RAM like the popular Lumia 520, but right now, there is nothing for these users. The same holds true for HTC’s models running Microsoft’s OS. In the tweet Belfiore said, that it the ambition of his team to provide the Windows 10 update for all Windows Phone 8.1 smartphones.

What all languages does the operating system support?

The Windows Insider program as Microsoft puts is a global program. This also means that the update for Windows 10 even on the phone supports 25 languages in total including Hindi.

Why should I update my phone to the technical preview?

Well, if you happen to be a geek or an IT manager then it is worth having the update. It adds a lot of new features like enhanced notifications, an updated action bar, a new web browser, universal apps, and much more. In the future, Microsoft will roll out Office apps and a significantly better email experience with the addition of Outlook to Windows Phone. The update will also add architectural changes to the OS, which will enhance gaming and battery life.

What could go wrong?

While Microsoft says that it has never bricked a phone while installing the update, it warns that things could go wrong. For this, it advises you to use the Windows Phone recovery tool, which it has designed for the technical preview. Despite using this tool, Microsoft warns things could wrong. In addition, the UI is not complete and you may get the impression that you are using an incomplete operating system.

I am Windows 10 technical preview user on the PC, I think I’ll be fine?

Wait, hold your horses. This update is at a very early stage. Microsoft by its own admission says that it is less complete and at an earlier of development than the technical preview out there for PCs. So, you may want to give this update a pass. In fact, many key features of the update are not available in the current build. Things like preview Office apps – Word, Excel, and Powerpoint — are not a part of the OS. In fact, you don’t even get the new Outlook experience, so you may think what is the point.

Anything else?

Microsoft has listed out a long list of known issues. The company makes no bones about this. It admits many bugs and has listed out most of them along with workarounds. It is advisable that you read up on all these issues and then make an informed decision regarding the upgrade. You may be unwilling to deal with all the bugs Microsoft has listed out..

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