12 Ways Successful Leaders Find Energy


Success requires energy.

No energy – no success.

Passion is focused energy.

No passion – no leadership.

The most important thing you manage is your own energy.

the most important thing you manage

7 energy drains:

  1. Self-importance. The false belief others can’t survive without you, drains you.
  2. Let-down after success.
  3. Ambiguous, unreachable expectations.
  4. Unrelenting pressure.
  5. Constant problem-solving.
  6. Can’t-do teammates.
  7. Fatigue after pouring your heart into failed projects.

12 ways successful leaders find energy:

  1. Lighten up. Say, “The world will go on without me.”
  2. Build in breathe time after high-stress activities.
  3. Let someone help you.
  4. Make self-reflection a daily ritual.
  5. Finish a project, don’t rush to the next. Allow for margin.
  6. Take a short walk.
  7. Go to bed earlier.
  8. Create organizational structures and systems that don’t depend on you.
  9. Talk it out when you’re worn out. Find a listening ear that helps you see more clearly.
  10. Take on a task or project you can complete quickly.
  11. Reconnect with your purpose. Why do you do what you do?
  12. Believe. Believe you can make a difference. Believe in your team.

Bonus: Eliminate energy vampires. If you can’t reform energy vampires, remove them. If you can’t remove them, reassign them.

Source: 12 Ways Successful Leaders Find Energy ( https://leadershipfreak.wordpress.com/2015/03/29/12-ways-successful-leaders-find-energy/ )


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